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We are a dynamic company based in Barcelona, Spain, shipping carefully products to the United States and Worldwide from Premium printing plants in China. We are specialized in providing unique Diamond Painting kits. 


Diamond Painting is a craft form which is a cross between cross-stitch and Paint by Numbers. The distinct feature of diamond painting is that it uses “diamonds” or tiles also known as drills. Each diamond is 2.5mm-2.8mm and is color matched to the images printed on the canvas. Each canvas is a high definition image that has been broken down in a way that a small symbol or color becomes a denotation for where to place the diamond. It is a meditative craft that helps you create stunning art in a relatively easy way.

A drill or diamond is a tile that goes on the canvas to create a beautiful mosaic. Each diamond or drill is multi-faceted, and each side reflects off the light falling on them to give the sparkly effect that sets diamond paintings apart. A drill can be shaped round or square.

There are two kinds of drills in Diamond Painting: the round one and the square one. The drills refer to the shape of the diamonds that you're going to use to fill your canvas: 

. Diamond Square Drill gives you a kind of "mosaic" effect once you complete the painting. It is the most used Diamond Drill because diamonds don’t leave spaces.

. Diamond Round Drill have more like “cross stitch” effect. Since diamonds are round shaped there’s a more evident gap between a diamond and the next one. For this reason Diamond Round Drill are less commonly used. 

Choosing between square or round drills diamond paining is not always easy. Round shaped diamonds leave a little gap in the canvas, so the final effect is less clear cut. For this reason, many people prefer square diamonds.

The colorful diamonds are made up of Eco-friendly resins that retain their sparkle for a long time. 

5D diamond painting means that the drills have five facets, whereas 3D diamond painting means that the drills have 3 facets. As each facet reflects off the light falling on it, the more facets there are will make the drill sparkle brighter. 

In partial drill kits, diamonds cover only a partial portion of the painting. The adhesive only covers a certain portion of the painting and the rest of the canvas is a high-definition image printed onto the canvas. Whereas in a full drill kit, diamonds cover the whole canvas. The final product of a full drill kit is sparkly and more radiant than for the partial drill kit. Here, in Top Diamond Painting we only have Full Drill Kits. 

You protect the finished product by sealing it.

For the bubbles, pop the bubbles gently with a pin. Smooth out that particular portion using tweezers. Mostly, diamond painting canvases are not horribly wrinkled. But if so is the case, use a flat-surfaced tool, like a diamond painting scale. Turn the canvas over, so the blank/unprinted side shows up, and run over the scale on it too smoothen out the wrinkles. Another trick is to cover the canvas with a towel and gently iron it with the iron at a lower heat level. Cool the canvas down under a fan (it will not take long) and place it under some heavy books for a day to get a flat canvas. However, this can be risky as the adhesive on the canvas may get stuck to the iron and cause you more harm than good. Extreme caution is recommended. 

It is highly recommended to avoid ironing out the wrinkles of your diamond painting canvas because of the adhesive layer. A heated iron may cause the adhesive to melt and stick to the iron, which can end up ruining your canvas. However, if you have no other option that may help you to remove the wrinkles from the canvas, you may cover the canvas with a towel and gently iron it with the iron at a lower level of heat. However, extreme caution is recommended, and it is not a preferred method.

You can display your finished diamond painting canvas in lots of different ways. However, the simplest and the classiest way is to frame your diamond painting.

Diamond Painting, like all other craft projects, requires concentration and precision, but most of all, it requires practice. Once you complete the smaller and easier canvases, you can move on to larger and complex pieces of art which will become an easy feat for you to complete as you go on. 

The colors you see on your monitor may be close to what is printed, but due to differences in the color calibration of monitors, a perfect match cannot be guaranteed. 


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