What is Diamond Painting?

A Definitive Guide to the New Craze Taking Over the World

Recent years have shown more and more photos cropping up on social media that show people painting with diamonds, creating phenomenal works of art that look incredibly realistic. Individuals across all demographics are taking part in this new craze, using crystals and other colorful gems to make paintings worthy of any museum.

It’s clear that this spectacular new medium for arts and crafts isn’t just a passing trend; rather, it’s here to stay.

Now, arts and crafts play a crucial role in our lives; they’re a staple in school curriculums, with kids of all ages learning how to sketch, paint, and express themselves creatively through various mediums. Many have also turned to them to help cope with their stress and frustrations, often toiling away on projects during the weekends as a way to rest after an exhausting week at work.

From ceramics to knitting, and from quilting to bouquet-making, arts and crafts take on a variety of forms. Regardless of the medium and the materials used, though, they all have a single goal in common – to allow an individual to explore the boundaries of their creative minds, instilling in them a sense of pride and achievement once they fulfill their intended project or goals.

Arts and crafts have been around for decades now; perhaps your grandmother knits you sweaters and scarves to keep you warm during the winter months, or maybe you have a family quilt handed down from generation to generation. It’s also common to see versions of famous paintings and images that are done on cross-stitch, adorning living rooms and hallways of homes across the country.

Despite their longevity and general ubiquity, however, arts and crafts are continually evolving, endlessly influenced by the constant changes that our world goes through. New techniques, new technologies, and even new materials are now put into use; for instance, hand knitting has been increasingly growing in popularity, thanks to the numerous Instagram photos showing chunky blankets that seem so soft and comfortable to wrap oneself in.

Similar to hand knitting, a relatively new medium has slowly been making waves across the arts and crafts world. Many are attracted to the bright, almost technicolor canvases that it results in while others find its rhythmic methods calming, and even therapeutic, at times.

So, what exactly is this revolutionary new medium?

Well, say hello to Diamond Painting also called Diamond Art and Paint with Diamonds. 

 With a name like that, it’s understandable that you take it to mean painting done on actual diamonds, sort of like a rich man’s hobby, if you will. It might make you feel rather unnerved because, after all, diamonds are worn and not painted on, right?

However, paint with diamonds doesn’t actually involve actual gems, so you don’t have to worry about having to shell out a ton of money just to try out this new art form! Instead, it means applying tiny bits of colorful resin diamonds or crystals to a specific pattern on a DMC-coded adhesive canvas filled with various letters, numbers, symbols, and shapes that denote which color crystal goes where. An applicator pen is used to “drill” the stones into the pattern, and the result is a vibrant, brightly-colored mosaic painting that seems almost lifelike, ready to fly off the canvas at any moment’s notice.

The idea for this brilliant new crafting medium was dreamt up by Dazu Yueming Laser Technology, a company based in Guangdong, China, who sought to combine cross-stitch with sand painting. In 2015, diamond painting kits were already flying off shelves across the country, purchased by consumers of all ages because of its ease and almost playful application. By 2017, the craze had spread across the entire world.

If you’re interested in seeing for yourself why the hype around diamond painting is well-deserved, then here are a few things to help get you started. 

What is a Diamond Painting Kit?

Trying your hand at diamond art is extremely simple and straightforward, due to how retailers sell all the materials you need in bundles. More often than not, these kits contain the following: 

  • A full-drill adhesive canvas made of high-quality and waterproof material that will allow for crease-proof storage
  • Colorful resin diamonds, crystals, or rhinestones that boast of an adhesive formula, making it easier for you to stick them onto the canvas
  • A pair of stainless steel tweezers that will allow you to sort through the various gems
  • A diamond applicator pen equipped with a soft cushion, providing comfort to your fingers even after hours of working on your painting
  • A wax picking pad, which can be used to make the gems stick to your applicator pen
  • Small bags for storage leftover gems once your project is complete.

 Square Gems vs. Round Gems

A typical diamond painting kit comes with either square gems or round gems, and whichever one you go for depends on your personal preference. 

Many opt to go for square gems because of how clear-cut and structured the result turns out to be; every single piece of stone fits into the pattern snugly, leaving no gaps or weird spaces in between them. 

However, it’s important to note that round gems are much easier to pick up than square ones, due to the shape of the applicator pen. 

 In the end, you have to choose between convenience and clarity – would you rather go for a painting that’s really easy to apply or a painting that will look cleaner and more organized?

How is Diamond Painting Done?

Now that you have your diamond painting kit in hand, you’re most probably wondering how to get started on this new project. Chances are, you’re thinking about which section of the canvas you should begin with or how exactly the adhesive works. 

Here’s how you can create your first-ever Diamond Art masterpiece: 

Step One

Lay out your canvas on a flat, hard surface. Make sure that you can easily reach all its areas – after all, you don’t want your elbow to accidentally disperse the gems that you’ve painstakingly “drilled” on!

Step Two

Depending on which retailer you purchase your kit from, your gems may either be resin diamonds, crystals, or rhinestones. Whatever material you end up with, pour them all out into a tray right side up, making it easier for you to pick them up with the applicator pen. Separating the gems by their respective colors is highly recommended too. 

Step Three

Most retailers sell canvases that are covered with a thin layer of a plastic protective film. Start by peeling away small sections of this film, working on the individual areas underneath them. With diamond painting, it’s better and more efficient to focus on small parts at a time. Not only will this allow the gems to stay in place, but it will also give their adhesive more time to dry and stick to the canvas. 

Step Four

Dip your applicator pen into the wax picking pad and pick up a gem afterward. Press this onto the corresponding symbol or letter on the canvas and repeat until the entire painting is finished. 

See how easy that was?

The result is an incredible and breathtaking work of art; a cross between a sand painting, a mosaic, and a cross-stitch. Without a doubt, putting this into a sophisticated frame and displaying it in your home will lead to visitors marveling at your creative skills and expertise. 

The Benefits of Diamond Painting

The mental and therapeutic benefits of arts and crafts have long been touted over the years. Besides reducing one’s stress levels and boosting creativity, they have also been proven to enhance both brain productivity and empathy. More than that, though, they’re an incredible medium that allows one to express their innermost feelings and thoughts without using words, which is certainly helpful for those suffering from anxiety, trauma, and other kinds of mental issues. 

Painting with diamonds is no different; taking part in this relaxing and calming activity soothes your mind, helping you rejuvenate yourself an exhausting and overwhelming day. Many who take part in this activity have reported improved moods and a more focused mind afterward, their intense emotions alleviated by the repetitive motions of picking up gems and sticking them onto the canvas. 

Unlike other crafting mediums, such as needlework and pottery, diamond painting can be done as a social activity. It is a craft that an entire group can take part in, which means that it can become a bonding activity with friends and family members, allowing you to forge deeper connections with your loved ones. 

More importantly, a lot of people claim that diamond art trains one’s brain to focus, engaging it to develop and follow specific patterns, which involves logic and critical reasoning, as well as creativity. They also say that the craft helps enhance fine motor skills – picking up gems, figuring out where they go on the canvas, and placing them on their designated area are all movements that involve a lot of hand-to-eye coordination over a prolonged period. Not only do they improve your concentration levels, but they also refine your dexterity, training you to become more flexible and adaptable.

 With all these advantages, it’s safe to say that diamond painting is more than just an arts and crafts pastime done when you’re bored or have some time off work. Instead, it’s an activity with proven mental, physical, and emotional benefits, all of which will prove to be extremely helpful for those taking part in it. 


Final Thoughts

Diamond painting is a creative medium that’s slowly taking over the world – and with good reason! For one thing, it’s extremely easy to try your hand at it since it doesn’t have a steep learning curve, unlike other types of arts and crafts. For another, it’s also rather accessible to the average consumer, with kits that contain everything you need available from a ton of retailers. 

The vast diversity of patterns is another rationale why the popularity of painting with diamonds continues to skyrocket; there are abstract paintings, images that show spectacular natural landscapes, those that are modeled after famous works of art, and even themed ones. Whether you’re looking to do a diamond painting about owls, elephants, flowers, horses or mandalas, there will always be a pattern to suit everyone’s tastes. 

Now that we’ve taken a deep dive into this incredible new medium for arts and crafts, it’s time for you to actually go out there and start painting with diamonds! Purchase your very own Diamond Painting kit today and marvel at the many works of art that you’ll undoubtedly create. 

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