The Rise of a New Art Form

Five Reasons Why Diamond Painting is Increasingly Becoming Popular

Art has always been a huge part of our world, playing a significant role in our culture and history. World-renowned sculptures and paintings are housed in incredible museums, drawing in millions of visitors each year. Some of the most famous works of art are even protected by a whole slew of high-tech measures, in a bid to preserve them for many more years to come. 

Because of the importance and near-ubiquity of art, hundreds of new art forms have popped up over the years, smoothly integrating itself with the traditional methods and becoming a permanent fixture in pop culture. For instance, the mass-produced pop art movement launched by Andy Warhol during the 1960s was a game changer – one whose effects and legacy are still felt today. 

The early practitioners of performance art, including Yoko Ono and Joseph Beuys, are also notable for their contributions to the art world. Thanks to them, art has now become a face-to-face interaction, something that the general public gets to see unfold before their very eyes, rather than a stagnant piece sitting behind museum glass. 

These are just two of the many revolutionary and radical art forms that have been created through the years, resulting in limitless creativity, as well as in works and installations that many have viewed in wonder. 

The unimaginable depths of human expression have resulted in a wide range of different art forms – a process that still continues today, with new ones being discovered, developed, and created practically on a daily basis.

And, one of these new art forms currently taking the world by storm is Diamond Painting. This spectacular new medium makes use of various gems and crystals that are drilled into a DMC-coded adhesive canvas, forming beautiful patterns and images in eye-catching colors. The end result is a phenomenal work of art that looks like a mosaic painting, seemingly lifelike and ready to fly off the canvas at any moment’s notice. 

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The hype around diamond painting has steadily been gaining momentum for the past few years; kits filled to the brim with every single material the artist needs are now available on practically every e-commerce retailer on the Internet while social media is inundated with photos of these beautiful creations. This popularity has only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 global pandemic currently raging on, which has seen the majority of the world’s population forced to stay indoors, where they’ve managed to pick up a few new hobbies – including diamond painting.

Diamond art managed to turn itself from a relatively unknown art medium into a global phenomenon in a few short years. But what exactly is it about this new art form that makes people want to take it up, even those who were previously uninterested in art? Why is it that kits are flying off the shelves? Why online shops are nearly always sold out?

In short, why is diamond painting slowly seeping its way into the mainstream, beloved by millions of people across the globe?

 Well, here are five reasons for the increasing popularity of this new art form.

It’s Highly Accessible to Everyone

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t take up art – even as a hobby or as a fun pastime – is the steep learning curve associated with most of its mediums. Crocheting and knitting both require mastering certain skillsets, and the same goes for other traditional art forms, such as painting, sculpting, and ceramics. One has to pay close attention to how they flick their brushes and position their wrists, as well as the deft movement of their fingers and the number of stitches that have already been completed.

In contrast to this, paint with diamonds is so easy and straightforward to do, that it’s relatively a no-brainer. There are no movements and gestures that you have to memorize, nor do you have to carefully consider how you move the tools and materials at your disposal.

Rather, it involves the mere picking up of gems and stones using an applicator pen, moving these from pan to the canvas where they’re drilled into their designated spot. This entire process can be learned inside out from a single YouTube video or even simply through the instruction manual that the majority of kits come with.

Unlike other traditional art forms, one does not have to be skilled or experienced in art to create stunning diamond paintings. The only thing you need is the resolve to put every single gem in its specific spot!

It’s Extremely Affordable

Another huge barrier to art is the exorbitant price tag that materials and equipment carry. High-quality canvases and brushes can sometimes go up to hundreds of dollars; yarn, wool, and fabric don’t come cheap either. Naturally, not a lot of people – especially those merely looking for a casual pastime – have the bank account or the desire to fork out a huge amount of money for something that they aren’t even sure they’ll still be doing next week.  

One of the major reasons behind the popularity of diamond painting is the fact that its materials are affordable and easily available. A lot of kits go for less than $25 and contain every tool you’ll ever need to finish your masterpiece and getting days and days of fun. 

More importantly, you don’t need to stop by several stores to make sure that you have everything you need to start your diamond painting. As mentioned previously, the kit contains every single material – from the applicator pen to the gems, and even to the tweezers that can be used to sort through the various crystals. 

It Helps Your Motor Skills and Trains Your Brain

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why diamond painting is so popular is the whole slew of incredible health benefits that it brings. This radical new art form has been proven to do wonders for your hand-eye coordination skills, improving your dexterity, and allowing you to become more nimble, flexible, and adaptable.

More importantly, the intricate patterns, complex designs, and painstakingly detailed work that paint with diamonds entails does a great job of training your brain, allowing you to enhance your logic and critical thinking skills while simultaneously exercising your creativity and concentration levels. 

With all these in mind, this new art form will undoubtedly be beneficial for your health and wellbeing in the long run, helping you execute your daily tasks quicker, better, and more efficiently. 

Its Community is Wonderful

With hundreds of online forums and social media groups popping up nearly every week, it goes without saying that the community around Diamond Painting is simply wonderful. These people are encouraging and supportive, always ready with a bunch of new ideas to make your next session even better. They even have tips and advice for those starting out in this art form, as well as suggestions on how to turn your works of art into actual masterpieces. 

Now, this holds true for any other art medium and hobby out there; however, it’s important to note that the diamond painting community is different, thanks, in part, to how it became popular so quickly, with its fame skyrocketing seemingly overnight. 

This, along with its easy accessibility and availability, means that the people who have taken up diamond art are incredibly diverse – there are individuals from all age groups, demographics, countries, and more. Each one brings something new to the table, which means that this art form is significantly dynamic, evolving with each new suggestion and recommendation that those in the community make. 

It can’t be denied that taking up diamond painting opens up a whole new world, which is most probably the reason why thousands of people have started to express themselves and their creativity through this medium. It will expose you to new cultures and new lifestyles, allowing you to meet people whom you may not have otherwise met. 

Diamond Painting Corner

It’s Capable of Reducing Stress and Anxiety Levels

The majority of us live fast-paced lifestyles, working long and exhausting hours, leaving our minds numb and in need of an outlet to relax and express ourselves. More often than not, our stress and anxiety levels are at an all-time high, due to the frustrations that we experience throughout the day, as well as our never ending list of responsibilities and tasks to handle. 

This situation is common among many of us, which is why the popularity of diamond painting has significantly surged. Much like puzzles and adult coloring books, this new art form is touted as a wonderful way to reduce your stress and anxiety levels, allowing you to rest and rejuvenate yourself after a long day at work. Some even consider paint with diamonds to be a mindfulness-based art therapy, which means that it’s an art medium that can be used as a meditation tool, helping you center yourself, despite the overwhelming amount of things you have to do. 

Additionally, diamond art is a completely immersive experience and artists have often reported “losing themselves” in its monotonous and repetitive moments. Combined with a peaceful environment, this new art form will certainly help eradicate the sadness, worry, and whatever negative feelings you might be harboring deep inside you. 

The popularity of diamond painting is often attributed to its ability to significantly decrease these emotions. Unfortunately, our world today is often stressful and frustrating, which is why many have turned to painting with diamonds as a way to cope and stay sane amid all the ruckus going on.

These are just some of the many reasons why diamond painting is increasingly becoming popular, beloved by millions across the world, and with kits practically flying off the shelves. 

Why don’t you try it out for yourself? Without a doubt, you’ll find that the hype surrounding it is well and truly deserved. 

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