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A new type of art has been dominating the industry and has gotten individuals of every age trying to get their hands on these shiny stones. Diamond Painting is a form of art that has emerged in the last 5 years with a huge adoption across the world. But what Diamond Painting is and why it has become so popular are the main focus of the present article. 

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond Painting has nothing to do with actual diamonds. Instead, it refers to small round or square stones that have the effect of a diamond or crystal because they reflect the light. Those resin stones are put on a DMC-coded adhesive canvas that is filled with various letters and numbers to indicate which color and which type of stone should be placed every time. You use an applicator to place the stones on the pattern and the result is a painting that looks almost lifelike which can be used amazingly as a home or an office decoration.

This trend has been developed by Dazu Yueming Laser Technology, a China-based company that wanted to combine cross-stitch with sand painting. After the release of the first diamond painting kit in 2015, this new painting medium has met mass adoption across the world and reached high search volumes in Google trends already from 2017.

Now the variety of diamond painting designs is immense and everyone can easily access one and turn themselves into professional artists. 

Why has it become so popular?

1. It has no age

Everyone can purchase a design and start painting. There is a variety of easy and difficult pieces in the market that fit the needs of every age. Thus, this could be a fun experience for your children or an engaging hobby for adults. 

2. Its a collective activity

In comparison to other forms of painting, diamond painting can be a collective activity. Because the colors are already indicated, you can combine this activity with your friends and family. This could prove a relaxing experience that promotes human bonding and entertainment. 

3. Unlimited designs for every taste

Since 2017 the market has grown and the designs available in the market have been increased immensely. You can easily find designs of every taste in Amazon or AliExpress and for those of you who prefer a more professional approach, there is Diamond Painting Corner.

I have recently stumbled upon their website and their designs have left me mindblown. With the availability of landscape, animal, and mandala photography, or a custom design option, the Diamond Painting Corner can cover any need. And the best part is that they ship worldwide for free. 

4. You don't have to be an artist

Another reason why Diamond Paintings have become so popular is that they have successfully brought the art closer to the mass. You don’t need to be an artist to create a diamond painting. With this technique, every individual can create a stunning result that can be given as a present or taken up as a hobby for creative souls. 


Diamond Painting is a form of art that has been recently emerged as a different kind of hobby for young and adults. Being compared to puzzles because it can be enjoyed with friends, diamond painting can be a very relaxing and entertaining activity for you and your family or a hobby especially during the recent quarantine times.

Diamond Painting Corner is an online shop that sells professional diamond painting designs worldwide. With competitive prices, you can purchase exceptional pieces or create your own design using a photo of your choice. It is a very easy, and unique activity worth trying out especially if you are a creative soul. So check the Diamond Painting Corner website and browse through their variety of colorful designs. 

Evi Tsokanaki

Article originally published in in September 2020. 

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