The 4 Surprising Mental Benefits of Diamond Painting

Recent years have seen diamond painting slowly entering the mainstream, with kits flying off the shelves and online retailers struggling to keep their inventories fully-stocked. It’s clear that the hype surrounding this revolutionary new art form is huge – and with good reason!

Diamond painting involves “drilling” vibrant gems and rhinestones onto a canvas, following a designated pattern until every part is filled up with their assigned colors. The end result is a spectacular piece of art – one that looks like a three-dimensional mosaic ready to fly off the fabric at any moment’s notice.

Thanks to this simple and straightforward process, diamond art is largely considered to be a global phenomenon today. It can be accessed by nearly everyone, regardless of age or their art skills. More importantly, it’s an incredibly convenient hobby to pick up, given the easy availability of materials and the affordable price tags that these carry.

The wide range of patterns and images available is also another reason behind this art form’s soaring popularity. From animals to beautiful landscapes, and from famous cartoon characters to scenes from everyday life – there’s one to suit everybody’s tastes.

There’s no denying the many advantages that diamond painting brings to the table; however, this incredible new art form also has a whole slew of surprising mental benefits. Perhaps these are also reasons why the world – and social media – is slowly becoming inundated with photos of phenomenal masterpieces that feature bright colors and breathtaking designs.

With this in mind, here are four mental benefits of diamond painting. 


It Reduces Your Stress Levels

Most of us lived fast-paced lifestyles with packed schedules and endless to-do lists, oftentimes spending long and grueling hours in the office. Naturally, this workday leaves us overwhelmed and exhausted - emotions that are felt even more intensely the minute we arrive home, where our comfortable beds and the prospect of rest provide temptation like no other. Without a doubt, this daily routine is incredibly dull and mind-numbing, giving us the itch to do something more productive, more creative, and more meaningful in our lives, rather than simply staying stuck in the never ending rat race.

Unfortunately, this situation is increasingly becoming the status quo, which is why many have turned to Diamond Painting - a hobby that allows them to decompress and express themselves. More importantly, it helps alleviate the stress and frustration that they carried around with them throughout the day, giving their minds the chance to rest and rejuvenate itself.

Diamond painting is largely considered to be a mindfulness-based art therapy (MBAT), which means that those who participate in it are able to create art while simultaneously managing any psychological or mental issues that they might be experiencing. The various patterns that they paint with rhinestones and diamonds provide an outlet for them to work through any negative emotions that they might be feeling, which helps stabilize and maintain their wellbeing.

For many, the simple and rather repetitive movements of paint with diamonds feel incredibly soothing – a stark contrast to the high-stress environments that they’re stuck in from nine until five. The tranquil atmosphere that it creates, as well as the beautiful works of art that it produces, provides a calming experience like no other.

It Sparks Creativity

Having a hobby or a pastime that allows one to express themselves creatively is extremely valuable; some turn to needlework and knitting while others play instruments in their spare time. There are also those who draw or paint, as well as people who prefer crafting stories and fiction out of thin air.

Much like these activities, diamond painting is also a valuable creative outlet that can be done by anyone – even by those who claim that they have no ounce of creativity in them! Its movements are easy to master and it doesn’t have a steep learning curve, unlike many other art forms. Additionally, kits are extremely affordable – with some priced as low as $24.95, which means that anybody can purchase one, regardless of how tight their budget is.

This easy accessibility means that diamond art is capable of stimulating one’s creative juices, no matter who they are or how skilled they are at art. More importantly, it engages our brain’s right hemisphere, which is the part responsible for imagination, intuition, and all things related to art. Because of this, participants are given the opportunity to exercise and express their creative side, without having to stress themselves out on whether they’re drawing crooked shapes or coloring beyond the lines.

Additionally, the wide range of patterns to choose from combined with the variety of canvases available allows even those without a creative bone in their bodies to feel like a true artist. They no longer have to feel restricted, intimidated, or hindered by the incredible works of art that they see on social media; rather, they can create their own masterpieces – ones that they can be proud of. 


It Provides a Supportive Community

Human beings are inherently social beings – we may feel the need to be completely alone with our thoughts sometimes but at the end of the day, we all crave another person to talk to.

It’s no secret that the art world provides an incredible community that provides limitless support and guidance to those within it. Artists visit their peers’ gallery openings and shows, unhesitatingly forking over money without begging for a friend discount. New initiatives and projects are fully encouraged, with some even offering their assistance, should the artist need it.

As an art form, diamond painting also exposes its participants to the same kind of community. There are hundreds of forums and groups online where those who love painting with diamonds converge, sharing their goals and accomplishments, as well as commiserating with those who weren’t fully satisfied with what they created. They also take the time to painstakingly explain the art form to newbies, giving helpful tips and advice on how to successfully create their own masterpieces, as well as offering life hacks to make their paintings easier to finish and much more beautiful in the end.

It’s important to note that conversations within these communities aren’t merely focused on diamond painting. People are also free to discuss mundane, everyday topics or share their personal stories. No subject is out of bounds here, regardless of whether or not they’re connected to painting with diamonds.

Without a doubt, this support system does wonders for one’s mental health and well-being, particularly for those who may feel lonely and isolated at times. Knowing that you have an incredible group of people cheering you on in whatever you do is a great feeling – one that a lot of individuals out there would certainly benefit from.

It Unplugs the Rest of the World

With the rise of the digital age, many of us are constantly plugged in; our phones are never set to silent, allowing us to take note of every ping and every chime that signifies yet another notification. We check our social media accounts the minute we wake up in the morning and these are also the last things that we see before we fall asleep at night.

The world today is hyper-connected and increasingly becoming more and more globalized. This has undeniably brought a whole slew of benefits for us, allowing us access to things and content from the other side of the globe. On the flip side, though, it has also stopped us from living our lives in the moment and we often find ourselves experiencing every day through the screen.

However, diamond painting offers an opportunity for creative expression without the need for either phones or computers. By taking part in this incredible new art form, you get to unplug yourself from the rest of the world, focusing only on what’s actually happening in front of us, rather than on the constant flood of notifications lighting up your devices.

Make no mistake, paint with diamonds offers a wealth of unbelievable benefits for your mental health – and these are just some of them! However, it’s also important to note the many other advantages that this craft brings to the table.

For one thing, diamond painting helps improve one’s fine motor skills by continuously exercising hand-eye coordination and boosting concentration levels. The act of painstakingly drilling each gemstone onto the canvas also flexes the muscles found in the fingers and hands, allowing you to become more agile and adept when doing everyday tasks.

Keep in mind that the diamonds are extremely tiny; picking these up and placing them in their designated spots does nothing but enhance your dexterity and your fine motor skills.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to this - diamond painting is a fun and exciting activity that has a ton of incredible benefits. Now, who wouldn’t want to take part in something this great? 

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