How to Frame Diamond Paintings

Once you have completed your diamond painting, you want to keep your artwork in pristine condition. Diamond paintings, and other kinds of paintings, don’t stay vibrant and colorful forever. However, if you frame them properly, you can display these paintings on your walls for years to come.

There are many ways you can frame your diamond painting at home. Here, we will discuss how you can do this in our step by step guide. Diamond paintings deserve to be shown off, so they should be framed correctly and with the right materials!

You could get your diamond painting professionally framed. But why spend extra money when you can do this on your own! Keep reading our post, so you can get the best information on framing diamond paintings. 


How to Frame Diamond Paintings A Step by Step Guide: 

1. Make Sure All Your Diamonds Are Properly Attached

Before you start the framing process, make sure to check over your diamond painting. You want to ensure that everything is drilled down and affixed into your canvas before you begin framing your painting. It will be hard to fix your art once it is framed so take this step seriously.

If you see a diamond out of place, or one that looks loose, push it down with a little bit of pressure. Just, don’t press down so much that you damage your painting. You can even go over your painting with a kitchen roller. This way every piece is evenly pressed down and put into place. Again, be careful with your painting, but press in enough that your painting is made cohesive.

2. Check For Dirt, Dust, and Other Debris

Once you know that your painting is set and that the diamond pieces won’t come off, start looking for dirt, dust, and other types of debris. You want to get rid of anything that blemishes your painting beforehand. This is because, in a later step, you are going to have to seal your painting.

And, you don’t want hair and dirt to be left on your art when it is framed. So, look in between the space of your diamond pieces. This is where most of the dirt and debris will build up. If you see something on your painting, use a toothbrush to gently remove it. You can also use a tweezer to get rid of anything you want off your diamond painting.

If you want, you can even get an LED light and shine it over your painting. With good lighting, you can really see everything. But, this is an optional tool you can use during the framing process.

3. Seal Your Diamond Painting

After you are sure that your diamond painting has been cleared of debris and other contaminants, you can begin the sealing process. You might be wondering why you need to seal your painting before you frame it. It is really quite simple. As we mentioned, paintings fade over time. This includes diamond paintings, as well.

The sealant helps lock in the image of your painting and prevents it from fading. So, if you want the pigment and shape of your painting to last, you should think about sealing them. You can use a few different sealants for your diamond painting. We recommend using either a mod podge or a spray sealant. 

Mod podge is a craft glue that you will have to manually apply with a brush and water. Spray sealants can be easier to use, but requires a lot of ventilation. With either of these products, though, we recommend going outside or in your garage to apply them to your painting. 

If you use a mod podge just put one coating of it on your painting. Also, make sure to dilute the glue with water. If you use the spray, you will need a couple of layers. Coat the entire painting in even horizontal lines. Let everything dry before you apply a new layer, though.

4. Make Sure Your Sealant is Completely Dried

Once you have applied your sealant, let the canvas dry completely. You don’t want to move your painting around and let the sealant drip off. So, keep your project in place and let it seal in peace. Then, you can move on to the next step.

With mod podge, it takes around an hour to dry. With spray sealants, though, it could take up to an hour to dry, as well. But this can take longer if you have multiple layers. Ensure that the sealant is even too. If it’s not, you might need to put on another layer or fill in undersealed areas. 


5. Pick Out Your Frame

Now we can move on to the fun part of framing your painting. Your diamond painting kit probably did not come with a frame. So, you are going to have to buy your own. We recommend going out to a craft store to find a nice frame. Wood can work well with your art but choose whatever looks best to you.

You want your frame to match with the painting, though, so choose a color that combines well with your artwork. And, get something that is sturdy and will last!

6. Put Your Diamond Painting in the Frame

Once you have your frame you can put your diamond painting into it. Your frame should be placed face down, and your painting should also be placed face down. In addition, make sure the structure of your frame has a stretcher-bar so you can get your work to stay in place.

The size should fit with your painting too. It’s okay if some parts of your project are covered up. In fact, this is to be expected. You just want the image to be evenly covered and put into the frame so it looks good.

7. Trim Your Painting With an X-ACTO Knife

If your painting does not fit in exactly into its frame, though, you can use an X-ACTO knife to fix it up. Cut your diamonds precisely and make sure that each side is cut evenly. This way your painting does not end up lopsided.

You can even get some foam board and cut it into the exact shape and size of the frame opening. This way you can put your painting on it and cut it precisely into the size it needs to be. How you trim your painting is up to you, though.

8. Staple Down Your Painting

After your painting has been trimmed, you can begin stapling it down to the frame. Be careful, but make sure you put enough staples into the frame. If the canvas has been cut right, you can staple your art into the frame quite easily.

However, if there's still some loose material that goes over the edge of the frame, fold it over and staple it, or you can cut with your knife again. Alternatively, you can also nail in your diamond painting if you don’t want to use staples for your painting.

9. Get Glass to Put Overtop Your Frame

With this final step, you can hang up your artwork, and admire your diamond painting. Some bare frames won’t come with a glass covering. So, you will have to buy glass to put over your frame. Glass makes your diamond painting look much more put together and finished. This can be an added expense, but we highly recommend getting this for your art!

10. If You Want Use A Painting Canvas Instead

We fully described how you can frame and hang up your diamond painting successfully. However, if you want a simple and easy way to frame your diamond painting, we will briefly discuss an alternative framing option. Especially if you do not want the hassle of dealing with frames, you should try out this choice! All you need is a mod podge product and a painting canvas.

First, you should trim down your diamond painting exactly to the specifications of your canvas. Really, it is better if your canvas is smaller, this way you can wrap the painting around the edges of the canvas. Get every part of the canvas properly covered up. Once you are sure your painting will fit, then you can apply the glue to the back of the painting and the canvas.

Apply your glue evenly around every inch of your canvas, then let it dry. When your diamond painting is dry you’ll be able to hang up your picture easily!

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