7 Tips For Improving Your Diamond Painting Speed

Time is limited for all of us. Really, we only have so many hours in the day to engage in our favorite hobbies and passions. In short, you can only work on your diamond paintings for so long each day.

This is unfortunate, of course. However, if you want to get more diamond paintings done, there are several ways you can improve your diamond painting speed. You never want to rush a diamond painting.

But, if you are working on large projects and want to complete them faster, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will go over the best tips for improving your diamond painting speed. This way, you can do more of what you love!


Top 7 Tips For Improving Your Diamond Painting Speed:

 1. Prepare Your Workspace Ahead of Time

If you know you are going to do a diamond painting, we suggest preparing your workspace ahead of time. Get all your materials ready for your painting, and make sure your tools and canvas are out and ready to go.

Really, a workspace is ideal for diamond painters. Having an area where you can concentrate on your diamond painting will allow you to concentrate better and work more efficiently.

A workspace is also the perfect place to store all your diamond painting materials. You can keep all your tools and diamonds in one place. This way you don’t have to search all over your home for what you need. This saves you a lot of time in the long run!

 2. Get Comfortable

In addition to preparing your workspace, do a little bit of self-care before your painting. This will help you work faster and feel more at ease as you paint. First, make sure you have eaten so that your energy is up. 

After this, get into your most comfortable clothes. You don’t have to look fancy to diamond paint, just wear whatever makes you feel more relaxed. 

Furthermore, being in a comfortable and quiet area will help increase your speed as well. So put on some music that relaxes you. If you want, you can even sip on your favorite beverage as you work on your project!

3. Get Your Diamonds Ready and Keep Them in a Large Container

Arranging your diamonds ahead of time will help you move much faster during the painting process. You want all your beads organized and arranged in a logical order. This way, when you reach for them, you will be able to find the colors you want quickly.

So, buy organizational containers and take the time to set up your workspace properly. It can take some work to get your diamond painting workspace set up. But it is worth it if you can do what you love more efficiently. 

In addition to this, having your diamonds in a large tray can help too. When you have a bigger tray with you as you work, it will make it much easier to sort your diamonds and see the different colors.

A larger tray also means that you won’t have to refill certain colors as much. This is because there is more space for extra diamonds. So, this will save you a lot of time!

4. Use a Few Different Applicator Pens

Using multiple applicator tools at once can help you move faster and get your painting done at greater speeds. Some diamond painting experts have up to nine bead tips set out while they work. We suggest doing whatever is most comfortable for you.

Having a few applicator pens in your hands can help you work faster. You can put down more diamonds at once this way. But, if you are new to diamond painting, take your time placing down your diamonds. You want them to be straight and pressed in fully.

Once you are more comfortable with an applicator, you can start using more than one of these pens to get your paintings done!


5. Work on Areas With Similar Colors or Focus on a Single Section

You want to be strategic about how you complete your diamond painting. Plan out which sections you will tackle first, you can base this on color or section. It can be tempting to just start placing diamonds wherever you want to, but this can lead to chaos and confusion.

Really, it is much easier to pick a certain section of your painting to work on first. Personally, we suggest picking an area with the same color. This way you can work on one color at a time.

When you work by color, you don’t have to keep changing the color on your applicator pen or searching for a different color diamond. This is a big time saver as you paint!

You can work in a certain section with multiple colors if you want, though. Just make sure you have all the colors you need prepared and in reach. This way you don’t have to go searching for certain shades as you work.

Again, how you work is up to your preferences. Try out both methods and see what works best for you. Just always have a plan when you begin painting!

6. Position Your Hands and Body

Now that you have your workspace ready, and your tools out, you want to make sure that your hands and body are positioned ideally for painting with diamonds! First, your sleeves should be rolled back and kept out of your way. You don’t want diamonds sticking to your clothes.

Next, keep your hair tied up as you work, especially if it is long. This way your eyes are not covered when you are looking at your painting.

Also, work on your posture as you paint. Your posture should be straight and tall not hunched over. This can be hard to do, but you don’t want to have back pain when your work on your diamond painting projects.

Do a little stretching before and after you paint. This way your back stays strong and flexible. Really, just maintain a posture that lets your arms and hands move comfortably.

Finally, how you position your hands is extremely important. You want to hold your applicator pen in a comfortable and sensible way. But, make sure your pen is comfortable in your hands. You don’t want something that cramps up your fingers.

Also ensure that you keep your fingers as close to your canvas as you can. The less your hands and wrist have to move, the less soreness and stiffness you will feel, and the faster you can work.

Keeping your hands closer to the canvas also creates better efficiency. You won’t have to move your hands up and down as much which lessens the time it takes to press diamonds in.

Still, keep your tools nearby you and make sure your diamonds are as close to your canvas as possible. This way you won’t have to spend a bunch of time going from your tray to your painting.

7. Make Time for Diamond Painting

Finally, if you want to improve your speed at diamond painting, you need to make time to actually paint. Any skill requires time and practice. Diamond art is meant to be relaxing and fun, of course. However, if you don’t create time for yourself to improve at diamond painting you won’t get faster.

It can seem silly, but try and schedule a time for yourself to diamond paint. You want to know when you will be diamond painting and for how long. In addition, learn to block out distractions during this time.

Try not to check on your phone every minute, and if you can let people know that you don’t want to be bothered as you diamond paint. The time you paint should be entirely your own, this way you can concentrate and get things done more efficiently.

You can take breaks, this way you don’t burn out. But try and focus most of the time on your diamond painting. This way you make the most of your day and can work much faster.

Lastly, consider focusing on certain hobbies. If you can’t find time to diamond paint, you might need to figure out which activities you can cut out of your schedule. If you really enjoy diamond painting, this is for the best.

Maybe start watching fewer YouTube videos or stop browsing on social media as much. This will give you more time for diamond painting. Or, if you don’t enjoy something else you do, fill that time with diamond painting instead. 

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